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Sometimes you only realise that you need help with maths, physics or chemistry just before your exams. We offer exam preparation courses in subjects you are struggling with. Whether it’s mechanics, optics, thermodynamics or organic chemistry, with us you will have the best possible preparation for your upcoming exams. But it’s better to contact us a few days before so you can get on top of the tricky points at your leisure.

We have extensive experience in providing online science and maths tutoring via Skype. While you may find this takes some getting used to, it’s a very convenient way to study. You can work in your usual environment and use the books and papers that you have at home. There’s no travelling involved and you save a lot of time. Skype is available everywhere and you can start immediately.

We have many years of experience in inorganic and organic chemistry, physical chemistry and biochemistry. In maths and physics, we provide tutoring in all branches as well as their application to chemistry, pharmacology, medicine and mechanical engineering. We are happy to work through any exercises you have been given to help prepare you for your exams. You can contact us at any time to see whether our tutoring would work for you.


Do you want to learn effectively instead of paging through books for hours?

With Learn Science you can achieve the best results with a combination of online learning and tutoring in person.