Tutoring and private tuition
for maths, physics and chemistry

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Intensive courses

Intensive courses as individual tutoring

We know what it’s like when exams are looming. Our two-day or three-day courses are ideal if you have exams coming up in maths, physics or chemistry. Our short-term bookings with no fixed contracts are a big benefit here. Contact us for individual pricing for a course to meet your needs.

The focus of our intensive courses are previous exams from your school, college or university. We can also use our own exercises if needed. Our experience shows that it is easier to prepare for an exam once you have identified the most difficult parts of the subject. We can do this together so you can make rapid progress with your studies. This can also be done online via Skype.


Do you want to learn effectively instead of paging through books for hours?

With Learn Science you can achieve the best results with a combination of online learning and tutoring in person.