Tutoring and private tuition
for maths, physics and chemistry

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Tutoring for high school

Professional preparation for high school tests

Private lessons can be quite demanding. But their success rate is usually high. We offer private lessons in maths, physics and chemistry in our classrooms or as online lessons via Skype. Take advantage of this service on a flexible basis. Exactly when you need it. It is important that you contact us before you feel like you are falling behind at school. So just give us a call if anything is unclear. No matter whether it’s vectors, differential calculus or integration. Or just revising the rules of fractions.

In physics and chemistry, we can dive deep into thermodynamics, optics, classical mechanics or the properties of elements and compounds. Many people find redox equations difficult in chemistry. We can show you a few very simple rules that will make them easier.

We have found that it works well to have one lesson a week. This ensures it’s not too much work and you can make good progress. However, if your exams are very soon, it may be better to do an intensive course with us. We will try to fill in any gaps in your knowledge in the shortest possible time. See our information on intensive courses for more details.


Do you want to learn effectively instead of paging through books for hours?

With Learn Science you can achieve the best results with a combination of online learning and tutoring in person.